Why You Should Buy British!

Posted on September 28 2018

Why Buying British Can Save You Cash

There are plenty of options out there for buying beautiful photo charms for bracelets, necklaces and a whole wide range of events and occasions. 

But many of these companies, specifically the ones who aren't based in the UK, can actually end up costing you more in the long run. Here are 3 main reasons why buying abroad can cost you more, and why buying British - like from Annalise - will cost you less for better quality and service.

Lead Times

Buying from abroad can often lead to long lead times which are subject to delay or problems from the destination country. This is especially true if you are wanting an element of personalisation to your charm to make it extra special; which could mean you are waiting many weeks for the item to be delivered to you.

Many of the overseas charm companies sell their products in bulk which means you may be waiting even longer for stock to become available.

BUY BRITISH BECAUSE: The lead times will be much shorter, even if there is personalisation required, as the item will not have to travel as far. 

Shipping Fees and Hidden Costs

As with any item purchased online it is expected that there will be a fee for shipping and many businesses online use this as an opportunity to offer quicker shipping options or free shipping options. 

However international companies will often have shipping prices that are significantly higher than those you will find from anywhere in the UK. 

As well as shipping costs, some companies will also have to pay import fees and different taxes in order to sell products to British customers. This means that in some cases, a photo charm that you can buy from Annalise could cost twice as much to purchase from abroad!


Our Heart Personalised Charm = £29.95 with free delivery, or a £5.95 express option.

Competitor Heart Personalised Charm = £23.95 (product) + £18.95 (shipping) + £1.99 (shipping insurance) + VAT means this charm from a competitor could cost upwards of £65!

BUY BRITISH BECAUSE: Not only will you avoid these hidden shipping and insurance fees and save yourself loads of money, but you can also be confident that you will be getting a great quality, British product. 

Different Standards

The sell-in-bulk method requires these companies to buy in bulk, which means that the quality may be sacrificed at the altar of mass production. Depending on the location of the charm's origin there may also be different standards of material that is used that allows them to tout a product as something it isn't classified as in the UK.

These standards are often things that the customer may not be aware of until they receive the charm and notice issues with quality or standards which will often not be addressed.

BUY BRITISH BECAUSE: The UK has strict regulations regarding trading standards and the way items are marketed and sold, so you can be completely confident that if we say our charms are .925 silver that is what they are so you won't be compromising on quality. 

It is also easier to find genuine handmade products, like our own photo charms, which are not mass produced and will be of a high standard.

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