Who Do You Put In Your Locket?

Posted on August 02 2018

Who Do You Put In Your Locket

Lockets are beautiful pieces of jewellery that allow you to carry around images or messages of those most important to you, without showing them off to the world at all times.

You might be a private person who doesn't want pictures of your significant other, kids or pets to be visible all the time, but you still want to carry a piece of them or their photo on you to symbolise how much they mean to you.

Here are the most common pictures that appear in lockets. Don't forget to browse our range of lockets online for beautiful gift ideas!


Unsurprisingly, pictures of the significant other are the most popular choice for photo lockets. It doesn't matter if it's a picture of a new romance or one that's been established for decades, everybody who has a spouse and a locket will almost certainly choose their picture as their first choice when deciding who goes in.


This is much easier if you only have one child, or two depending on if your locket allows for two photos, but children are another popular choice for locket pics.

School pictures are often one of the best choices, showing your kids off when they're looking their best and sweetest; but group pictures of kids also have a place in the locket - especially if you want to show off your kids to others.


Everybody loves their pet! But not everyone wants to show off their pets all the time with pictures on a charm bracelet; especially if your pet is not the traditional 'cuddly' type of creature.

The beauty of a locket is that it can be used to keep private pictures close to you without having to display them - perfect if you have a picture of your pet in an embarrassing outfit!


Aside from your significant other and your kids, another popular choice for locket entry are other relatives and members of your family who you want to carry with you.

These could be members of the family who have passed away like grandparents, or relatives who hold a special place in your heart like Aunts, Uncles or cousins. 


Nothing says friendship like a carrying a picture of your besties around with you in a locket! Whilst this is also popular for photo charms that are always on display, adding pictures of your friends into a locket is a great way to keep some more personal photos of them near to you without having to explain them to the world.

Alongside these top picks for photo protagonists; it's also worth noting that lockets don't have to be used for photos. They can be used to display anything from a love note from your spouse to locks of hair - although that's much more of an old school way of owning your locket! 

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