Top Tips To Keep Your Pet Still To Take A Photo

Posted on August 31 2018

Keep Your Pet Still For The Perfect Photo

Pets are one of the most common pictures that get made into photo charms, coming behind kids, spouses and other family members in the popularity stakes.

Those who have pets will know how often pictures are taken of them. Whether they're photos of them playing, sleeping or doing something else - our phones are full of them. But how can you take a picture of your pet that is worthy of putting on a charm?

Getting your pet to sit still and smile for the camera is virtually impossible, but with these few tips and tricks you may at least be able to get them to sit still for the few minutes you need to take that perfect photo.

Treats Behind The Lens

If you have an accomplice when taking the photo you can often get them to hold a treat up right behind the camera, above your head works best to get your pet to look towards you and, if they have enough self control, stare for a few seconds before pouncing towards the tasty morsel.

Favourite Toy

Most pets will have a favourite toy, especially if it's a cat or dog that loves to run around the house playing with it. Often, this toy in itself will give you enough of an opportunity to snap a photo of them. This method is great for getting a picture of your pets in the moment, or you can shout their name and act quick in the small window you will have when they look up at you.


If you have a creature than can be trained, and you have actually trained them, then often the easiest way to snap a picture is simply to tell them to sit. Great for dogs, birds and other animals that can be trained, this is a simple way to get your pet looking pristine, allowing you to take a picture that would look great on any charm you choose.


Distraction doesn't have to come in the form of toys or treats, it's just as easy to distract your pet yourself and grab their attention long enough to take as many snaps as you need for your charm. You could shout their name or even go a little further and do some distraction dance: even if your pet looks at you in confusion, at least they're looking at you which is all the opportunity that you need!


Not all pets are the bounding, hyperactive bundles of chaos that we love so much - some lead a much more sedentary lifestyle which fortunately makes them easy to photograph. Animals like larger lizards, snakes, and tortoises make great pets and are also relatively easy to pose as they spend a lot of time staying still and conserving energy. These creatures will often tolerate simply being posed for a quick photo, making your job super simple!

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