Top Party Pieces For The Party Season

Posted on November 02 2018

Our Favourite Party Jewellery

It's almost party season which means one thing: time to dust off your best jewellery and dig into the back of the wardrobe to retrieve your party dresses ready for all the invites to Christmas and Winter meals, staff do's, bonfire parties and not forgetting the big one: New Year's Eve!

What to Wear?

The outfits can often be the easy part - at least you can go out and buy something else if you don't like what you have; but jewellery is a little trickier.

So we've come up with a few ideas for jewellery pieces for different occasions you're likely to go to this festive season.

A Fancy Meal

The meal out is a staple for many work parties and events and there may be the odd family get together with relations from out of town who you haven't seen for a while. 

These kind of events usually require something comfortable outfit-wise. After all, you don't want to be overdressed whilst stuffing your face with delicious food.

The jewellery game should be the same, wear comfortable but stylish pieces to add some sparkle to what you're wearing, without being too eye-catching. Personal or sentimental pieces are good options for meals as they aren't at risk of getting lost or damaged.

A Night On The Tiles

The night out is usually a bit chaotic, especially around this time of year where the bars are always full.

Your party jewellery for a proper night out shouldn't be something too personal or pricey, after all you might find up you end up scrabbling around the dancefloor for them after one too many tequilas.

Costume jewellery is a great option for partying as they're unusual enough to stand out, but not expensive enough to be precious should you get too crazy.

A Cocktail Party

Dust off that little black dress and your best party frock, it's time to get glamorous!

Cocktail parties are usually the reserve of higher-class work events and special occasions, especially ones like New Year's Eve. 

You're wearing your best outfit, so you should wear your best jewellery. They should match your outfit but choose your most dazzling pieces; from conversation starting charm bracelets to dazzling diamond earrings. 

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