Top 5 Unique Personalised Charm Ideas

Posted on February 16 2018

Unique Personalised Charm Ideas

In the modern world almost anything can be personalised. From phone cases to t-shirts and clothing, you can have anything printed onto everything. Whilst this opens up endless possibilities for personalisation, it does make make it difficult to come up with something that is truly unique and original. 

In this post we detail some of the more unique personalisations you could put on your charm, making this classic piece of jewellery something to behold!

Favourite Food or Drink

A little strange but if your other half or whoever you are gifting the charm to has a favourite food, why not immortalise it in a personalised charm? They could be a notorious nugget nom-er or a prolific pint purchaser, but giving them a gift with their favourite food or drink emblazoned on it will certainly be a unique gift!


Pets are a common trope when it comes to personalised charms, but maybe the recipient has a favourite animal that they're obsessed with, or are just fond of. Think exotic animals that you can't really keep as a pet - everything from penguins, narwhals and eagles could all be in contention.

Choose a good picture though, you don't want to choose a poor picture which puts them off their fascination!

In Joke

Perfect for significant others and close family members, putting an in-joke on a personalised charm is a unique opportunity to create a gift that nobody else will ever have, and that will remind them of the joke whenever they see it. 

It could be a single word that is all that needs to be said to have you both in stitches, or even a short phrase which is enough to bring tears to your eyes. Either way, it's a guaranteed winner.


Whatever your recipient does as a hobby, if it's important enough to take their time then it will be appreciated on a charm. It could be anything from cycling to carpentry, but a unique image of them participating in the hobby or an image that denotes the hobby with ease will be a great gift. 

You could take this one step further and personalise it with their name or, if they like to make things, an image of something they have made to immortalise their work. 


This may seem a little narcissistic, but what is more unique than a gift with themselves on it? It could be doing a particular activity that they fondly remember or, like the point above, engaging in their hobby. It could even be a generic picture of them that you happen to love, but the fact that it's them makes it truly unique. 

This also has the added benefit of allowing you to show your appreciation of the person by choosing a picture of them that they may not have chosen themselves.

See our personalised charms here for more information on how to make these charms a reality!

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