Times When Your Shouldn't Wear Your Photo Charm

Posted on April 03 2018

Don't Risk Losing or Damaging Your Precious Item!

A photo charm is a valuable gift that contains everything from a memento of a loved one to a cherished holiday memory, and whilst it's fun to wear them most of the time to remind you of these times and people; there are certain times when wearing one isn't advisable.

Whether it's work or leisure, sometimes your photo charm bracelets and necklaces are best kept at home where they can be enjoyed in a more suitable environment. Here are some examples of when not to wear your charm bracelet.

Working With Machinery

Not all machinery, naturally. If you're a barista then a coffee machine won't provide much danger to your charm bracelet, but if you work in manufacturing then you might want to leave the bracelet at home when working. The dangling parts and loose-fit could be a risk of getting snagged in the moving parts which at best could cause damage to the bracelet, with much more serious consequences also possible.

Working With Chemicals

Granted, most people who work with chemicals wear protective clothing as part of their uniform, but there is always the risk that you could spill something on the bracelet if it pokes through your protective clothing. This also means that you will be covering up your bracelet all day anyway, meaning you won't be able to enjoy its contents even if you were able to wear it!

Health Workers

Those who work in the NHS will no doubt be aware of the 'bare below the elbows' policy that many hospitals have in place. This prevents you from wearing jewellery such as rings, bracelets and even watches, although it is a policy that is often flaunted. The reason behind this is infection control, tings and bracelets can provide areas for bacteria to gather which, in a hospital, is not a good sign - you don't want you precious bracelet becoming a harbinger of disease!

Extreme Sports

With any extreme sport, the risk of loss or damage to your bracelet is high which is enough reason of itself to leave it at home. Whether you're climbing a rock face and don't want to risk bashing your bracelet against the wall or you're a wind-surfer who doesn't want their photo bracelet coming loose whilst flying through the air above the open ocean; leave it at home and enjoy it whilst recovering from the thrill!

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