Silver Charm Bracelet Care Guide

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Posted on January 25 2018

In this article we will provide you with some top hints and tips on protecting and caring for your silver charm bracelet to ensure it lasts a long time, so the memories you place in them can be appreciated for much longer!

Tip 1: Regular Cleaning

Silver charm bracelets accumulate dirt by their very nature. They spend all day on your wrist and will be in constant contact with clothes and surfaces, all of which will cause the bracelet to gather lint. 

Most often this is collected in the trap-points between charms, inside the charms themselves if they are an elaborate design or in the barrel of the charm in which the bracelet is threaded through. 

If you wear the bracelet every day then we would recommend regularly taking off the charms and removing all of the lint and dirt with a soft cloth, allowing your charms and the bracelet to sparkle!

This has the added benefit of preventing the silver from tarnishing, which it will do overtime if worn frequently, and will dampen the effect of the silver.

Tip 2: Store Your Bracelet Correctly

To avoid the bracelet tarnishing when not in use or getting damaged by accident, it should be stored correctly in a safe space such as a jewellery box.

Hanging them on a jewellery rack separately to your other jewellery will prevent them from getting scratched or damaged as the charms rub and come into contact with other pieces of jewellery; however this won't prevent them from getting tarnished as they are in contact with the open air. 

If you don't have a jewellery box to hand then a jewellery bag can work just as well, keeping your silver charm bracelet separate to the rest of your jewellery and also protecting it from getting tarnished.

Tip 3: Don't Overload The Bracelet

Most silver char bracelets have a finite number of charms that they will be able to hold - exceeding this will put extra pressure on the clasp and risk breaking the link which fastens the bracelet.

The obvious risk with this is that a broken charm bracelet will scatter your precious charms everywhere, ruining countless thoughtful gifts and mementos of memories. 

If you want to wear all of your charm bracelets but don't want to overload the bracelet then we would recommend rotating the charms every few days so they all have the chance to be worn and shown off; or you could even invest in a second bracelet or try an alternative to the bracelet.

Tip 4: Wear It Sensibly

This should speak for itself, but the best way to prolong the life of your silver charm bracelet is to wear it sensibly and don't expose it to a situation where it is likely to get lost or damaged. 

Stick to wearing it when you know you won't be doing any extreme sports or having to do manual labour which could cause damage to the bracelet or the charms on it.

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