Photo Charms - Celebrate Anything!

Posted on March 22 2018

Photo Charms - Perfect For Any Occasion

Photo charms are the perfect gift to give to anyone for a celebration or to congratulate them on an achievement. The ultimate in versatile gifts, they can be used to celebrate anything from the birth of a baby to completion of a course.

The charms allow you to add your personal picture onto a charm to make it unique to the recipient and give them a gift that they can display with pride on their charm bracelet or on a necklace. 

Whilst traditional gifts are a wonderful option - such as Christenings, Weddings and landmark birthdays - why not mix it up a little bit with a more, interesting landmark or occasion to make a great gift that will bring love and laughter! Here are our top few alternative photo charm ideas.

Obscure Anniversaries

Whilst photo charms make great traditional anniversary gifts for weddings and so on, why not celebrate an alternative anniversary for your loved ones?

Maybe you could celebrate 10 years since you met on that drunken night out with an image of you from a night out around that time, or celebrate the years since a hilarious incident with a group of friends by immortalising it in a photo charm. 

Homes & Houses

If your partner is nostalgic about their home then you can allow them to revisit it at any moment with a photo charm depicting their favourite place. 

This could be the childhood home they grew up in or home in a geographical sense, such as a town, city or even country. Including relevant images of their home will allow them to take a little piece of their home with them everywhere.

(Rubbish)Life Events

Some life events are worth immortalising in jewellery forever, and some aren't. However that doesn't mean that the ones that aren't traditionally celebrated can't be made into brilliant gifts to guarantee a laugh between your significant other or loved ones. 

How about celebrating the first time they tried a certain food? Or the first time they ski'd? There are hundreds of firsts and milestones that would make great gifts that are guaranteed to be unique.

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