Pairing Your Charms To Your Outfit

Posted on June 29 2018

Outfit Matching Your Charm Bracelet

Your charm bracelet carries a story with it every time you step out of the house, but if you're a fashion enthusiast, the bracelet might not always compliment your outfit, especially if the charm bracelet has lots of colour and sparkle with it. We've put together our top three tips for fashionistas to use when deciding an outfit to go with their jewellery.

1. Colour Code

Your charm bracelet may be bright and vivid with several colours and these should be taken into account when choosing your outfit. Try to either choose colours that will compliment the ones you wear on your wrist with your charms and create a contrast to stand out; or if you want a more subtle look then choose lighter shades that will allow the colour on your wrist to stand out more.

If your charm bracelet isn't particularly colourful then you can use colour that compliments the natural colour of the silver to draw attention to the bracelet, allowing you to tell the story it hold to anyone who notices!

2. Sparkle Savvy

Many charm bracelet charms come with a heavy dose of sparkle, and if that's your thing then you certainly don't want attention to be taken away from your bracelet with a loud outfit. Use the sparkle to bring some shine to darker shades to help the dazzling shine on your wrist stand out even more. 

This is a great tip for business wear if you want to wear your charm bracelet to work as the shine will compliment an office-appropriate outfit nicely and help you bring some sparkle to the days of others as well as your own.

3. Show It Off

If you're going out of the house wearing a charm bracelet you want people to see it and take note of what's on there so you can talk about the story it holds or just have a nice reminder of that story when you catch it with your eye throughout the day. 

You can't do that if you've hidden the bracelet away under a jacket or a long sleeves top, so don't! In warmer weather wear short sleeve or even three quarter sleeve tops to show off your bracelet on your wrist and give it a chance to shine. This is easier in summer months when it's warmer, but in winter you can compromise by wearing your favourite charms around your neck on a necklace and making sure it sits over your jumper or top.

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