Other Charming Materials

Posted on May 21 2018

Super Silver

Sterling silver or even silver plating has always been a mainstay of the charm bracelet industry, providing beautiful, reliable pieces of material that are easy to work with at a relatively low cost to both the manufacturer and the consumer. 

But what other materials could you use to make charms our of? And why would you want to when silver charms are so beautiful?


Gold is another material that is pliable enough to make charms out of, with 14k gold often being the material of choice for gold charm bracelets on the market.

The brightness of gold makes it a unique addition to a charm bracelet, especially if your bracelet is predominantly silver in colour. A splash of gold will be a real eye catching addition that will allow you to talk about the story of your charms - something every charm collector loves to do!

Rose Gold

Rose gold has become increasingly more popular over the last couple of years with it's unique colour splash that is almost pink but with the class and elegance of gold. We even has some rose gold charms available in our product line to create more colourful additions to your bracelet.

As with silver, pure gold is too soft to use on it's own to create charms so it is mixed with an alloy to make it more durable - in the case of rose gold this is copper which makes it extremely durable and is what gives it its pinkish hue.

Stainless Steel

Not a very common material to use in charm creation but one that can have dramatic effects when used in a charm bracelet. Stainless steel is tough which makes it perfect for creating durable charms, although it lacks much of the visual appeal that gold and silver charms bring to the table.

Where stainless steel really makes an impact is in cost, they can be produced at a low cost which makes them ideal for novelty charms to add some character to your charm bracelet, whether it's a novel saying or even a bit of a joke gift for somebody who collects charms.


Another metal that has become more popular in recent years, platinum is a material that provides all the durability of stainless steel combined with a breathtaking shine that will rival even the shiniest silver or gold. 

This combination makes it a formidable contender in the charm arena, although it is more expensive than most other materials used which is why it is predominantly used in wedding bands and as the base for diamond rings. 

When all is said and done though, as far as we're concerned you just can't beat sterling silver for appearance, durability and cost - it will always be the king of charm bracelets to us!

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