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Posted on June 01 2018

Jewellery Online vs In-Store

Buying jewellery online is becoming more and more popular and it won't be long before it's the primary channel of sales for many jewellers.

Even high street jewellery chains have had to diversify and begin to sell their products online in order to keep up with the online trend that is slowly putting a stranglehold on the high street stores. 

But what are the real advantages to buying your jewellery - whether it's rings, bracelets or photo charms - online, compared to buying in store?

Online: Pros

The largest appeal online is the convenience and ease of purchase that online stores bring to the table. You don't need to go into town or source a jewellery shop to buy online and you can do it with a cuppa on your sofa!

Another point in the pro column is that there is a lot more variety available online. You can see items from hundreds of stores and shop around in a way that would never be possible in store, even for the most avid retailer.

Price is often another feature, with online stores often having to reduce prices and have regular sales and deals in place in order to remain competitive.

Online: Cons

The main con of buying online is that you run the risk of being conned by fake retailers - especially if you are buying jewellery from abroad from a country where quality standards aren't as stringent.

Delivery time can also be an issue - although many retailers now offset this by offering free delivery to avoid extra costs; there is still the issue of having to wait for your item to arrive.

Once it does arrive, returning it can be a hassle which often puts people off buying jewellery online - needing to return it via post or a courier is much more inconvenient that simply taking it back to a shop.

In-store: Pros

Buying in store allows you to actually feel and hold the item you're buying. Whilst this isn't as much of a pro for simple charms or necklaces, for piece such as rings this is vital as you will be able to try the ring on and see if you like it in situ rather than taking a punt online.

You get what you want immediately. With the possible exception of having to get rings resized, the benefit of buying in-store is that you can wear it immediately. This is a great plus for anybody who needs something quickly and doesn't have the time to wait for a delivery.

And once you have it, if the item isn't right or there is an issue with the product it is much easier to return to store with a receipt and get your money back or trade the item than it would be to deal with the same problem from an online retailer.

In-Store: Cons

Variety is the main problem here, with each shop only able to physically carry a limited range of items in stock at any one time. Compared to the thousands of products available online, it's no surprise this is a large negative for the high street stores; although many of them now allow you to shop online in-store for items that they don't have in stock.

Stock is also the issue, with this finite amount of product available meaning that when items are out of stock you could have wasted your journey - something that is offset when shopping online as you can immediately see if the item is in stock.

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