How To Make The Perfect Locket Picture

Posted on December 12 2018

Lockets are beautiful pieces of jewellery that allow you to keep your loved ones close to your heart, without having them open to the world and as exposed as pieces like photo charms can sometimes be.

But how do you take and edit the perfect locket photo to put inside one? Luckily for you we can take care of the editing with our brand new locket photo printing service which prints your photo in various sizes and shapes to fit the style of locket you have. 

So in this post we'll focus on taking the best photo you can in order to create a stunning picture that will be at home in your locket.

Centre Your Subject

Ensuring the subject of the photo is in the centre is important for several reasons.

The main one is that when printing photo sheets for lockets, the shape will be placed in the centre so if you have a heart-shaped locket, ensure that the subject of the photo is dead-centre.

Having the subject in the middle of the frame also means the picture quality will be better, especially if you are using a fancy camera and can focus specifically on one area.


The lighting for your photo is essential to making your subject clear and getting an awesome picture.

Try to take the photo in an area that has lots of natural light and ensure the subject isn't blocking the source. Locket photos can be small depending on the shape of locket you have, so having the subject well lit will create a better result for your piece. 

This is also good photo etiquette for showing people your photo if you want them to see, as a well lit photo will be much clearer than a dark one.

Simple Backgrounds

The background of your picture will make up a lot of space on the photo so making it simple is important for the best picture quality.

You can minimise the impact of the background by getting closer to your subject (see below), but there will almost always be background visible in your locket photo. 

Choose a background that is plain and bright, light a white or cream wall or even a window if nothing is visible but sky - a busy background detracts from the subject of the picture.

Easy Posing

The most popular photos to add into lockets are photos of family, friends and pets; but try to keep their pose simple.

Action shots don't really work so well for lockets as the size of the image is often small and action shots tend to be much too busy to be effective.

If you have the option, make sure your subject is adopting a simple pose that will allow you take a really high quality picture of them - any movement may result in a blur and a funny pose might not even fit within the shape of the locket and you could risk chopping off heads!

Get Ready For Your Close Up

Any locket photo is most effective if the subject is close to the camera. Don't be afraid to get up close and personal with them - as long as they don't mind - to make your locket photo perfect.

This has two benefits - one it will allow you to take a beautifully clear photo which will look great sat in your locket; and two it will minimise any background activity or pattern that could be a distraction from the main subject of your image.

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