How To Give Your Charms

Posted on July 20 2018

How To Gift Your Charms

So you've decided on the perfect photo charm for your gift, you've got it made with a beautiful image and all you need to do now is gift it to the lucky recipient. 

Of course you could do it the traditional way in a beautifully packaged bag or box - or you could have some fun with how you gift it! Here are 5 great ideas for a unique way to give your photo charm as a gift.

Put It On The Bracelet

If you have the chance, you could discreetly add the charm to the bracelet just before you intend to give it. This allows is to look perfect in situ and you can then get creative with how you announce the gift.

Anything from a simple "Look at your wrist - surprise!" to "Hey, is that a new charm?" works, the goal is to get them to look at the bracelet and discover their gift!

Babushka It

Like the famed Russian dolls, the beauty if this method is that you can keep the charm in it's box or back to protect it, especially important if you are hiding the charm in something that could ruin the surprise or risk damaging the charm. 

A popular option would be a bouquet of flowers which are easy to hide a small charm box in, but you could also get creative and hide it inside another gift to add an extra element to the occasion.

Treasure Hunt

This is a great way to have some fun with the recipient if it's a birthday or special occasion - you could even extend it to all of their presents to give them a memorable experience on their special day!

Hide the gift in a not-too-obvious place and then lead them around the house, garden or both with a trail of clues. This is great if they love puzzles and games and it will be a fun way to unveil a lovely gift!

Go Early

If it's a special occasion like a birthday or Christmas they won't be expecting anything until that day, giving you an ideal opportunity to create a genuine surprise moment for them as you unveil the charm early.

This is great when coupled with doing something such as going out for a meal or to an event as you can use this as an excuse to gift the charm and ensure they wear it.

Go Late

Conversely, if you don't want to give the gift early giving it late can be just as effective; especially after a day of being showered with gifts and spoiled, what finer way to top off the day?

If it's your partner you could give it to them last thing before bed as a cherry on the cake, or if it's a relative at the very end of their party or gathering to give them a genuine surprise with a beautiful gift.

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