How To Choose A Picture For Your Charm

Posted on June 25 2018

Choosing The Perfect Picture

So you've decided that a photo charm is the perfect gift for your loved one, but how do you decide what photo to choose to add to the charm?

Size Matters

The size of the picture is important int he scheme of the article, as this will determine how clear the object of the photo is. Choose a photo that is relatively close up to the object - whether it's a picture of you, children, dogs, places or personal items. This will ensure that when the photo is on the charm it is clear and anyone looking at it won't have to look closely to see who's on it.

To this end, choose pictures that aren't too busy as this will make the focus much more on the object of the photo - group pictures aren't a great idea unless the group is small and the distance from camera to group isn't too far.


Ensuring that the image you choose is a high resolution means that it will be clear on the charm once it's been made. Low resolution images may not transfer well to a charm bracelet; after all we can only transfer the image you provide, we can't make it clearer or less blurry around the edges. 

Images from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are low resolution images as they're often compressed, meaning if the image you want to use in your photo charm is from there it's worth trying to get a copy of the original instead of saving from social.

Clarity of Vision

The photo you choose to go on you photo charm needs to be clear - you want it to be obvious to anyone looking who or what the object is, and that means choosing a photo that is clear and not too cluttered or chaotic.

They don't need to be professionally produced masterpieces of photography, just try to avoid images that are taken inside a dark space or where they're surrounded by lots of other items or people.

Make It Memorable

This is the most important point when choosing your photo charm photo - make sure it's one that your recipient will love and will want to put on display on their bracelet at all times. 

By choosing a photo of a loving memory of family, friends or adventures you've shared, you can guarantee that it will be a gift that is loved and cherished; which is the whole point of a photo charm after all!

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