Halloween Costumes For Jewellery Lovers

Posted on October 19 2018

Jewellery-Friendly Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a great time to embrace your creativity with your outfit and it is very much a 'do or don't' occasion with people either going all in on their costumes are not doing anything at all - although there's always the person who throws a bed sheet on their head and says 'boo' halfheartedly.

It's also an occasion to show off your jewellery if you are a massive jewellery fan, especially if you have lots of costume jewellery. Here's a list of 5 costume ideas for jewellery lovers to get into the spooky spirit of Halloween, regardless of whether you're going to a kids party of just answering to door to trick or treaters and watching scary movies.

1. Raven

Raven, crow or magpie - whatever takes your fancy. These corvidae are extremely clever and absolutely LOVE shiny objects. Magpies in particular are famed for their love of shiny objects, which makes them an ideal costume for Halloween. 

The best part is you don't have to spend loads of money on an outfit, there are plenty of angel wings that can be re purposed and a beak can be fashioned relatively easily; then all you have to do is hang loads of jewellery on yourself.

2. Cleopatra

The Egyptian Pharoah is ideal for someone who wants to really bling it up with plenty of gold and loads of eyeliner. Usually depicted with plenty of neck and arm bangles and bracelets, this is the perfect opportunity to get your gold on and really make yourself stand out.

The costume itself will take a little more effort, with a black wig required if you don't have dark hair, a bed sheet or material to fashion into a toga and plenty of fake tan and eyeliner to really get that ancient Egyptian look.

3. Cat Burglar

Preferably a successful one, being a cat burglar will allow you to show off your wide range of jewellery by pretending you stole it whilst out on the prowl. 

This is most effective if you have a swag bag that you can carry around as well as wearing your jewellery.. To make it obvious what you are you may need cat ears and a tail and you will certainly need to be dressed in black.

4. 90s Rapper

Rappers and hip-hop artists in the 90s were famed for having lots of gold chains and jewellery visible. Thing Mr T in the A-Team and Flavor Flav with his big clock around his neck.

The jewellery is the most important part of this outfit, happily, which means you can somewhat compromise on the rest of the outfit. Go for stereotypical hip hop style like low-hanging jeans and baggy t-shirts as a starting point.

5. Zombie Princess

Every Halloween there will be thousands of small girls roaming the streets of Britain as a princess - usually of the Disney variety - but you can add your own twist to this to make it more theme-focused by being a zombie princess.

They did Pride, Prejudice and Zombies so why not zombie princess? Try not to bloody up your jewellery but a tiara and a few bangles are a must. A princess outfit can be bought quite cheap and some make-up magic will have you looking dead in no time.

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