Etching - The Next Gen Photo Charm?

Posted on April 17 2018

Could Photo-Charm Etching Be Next?

With the advance of technology, more and more opportunities are revealed for products like photo charms and personalised jewellery to diversify and bring these new methods to market - could etching be the next big thing in the personalised jewellery arena?

At Annalise we pride ourselves on hand finishing each charm with care, even including a weather-resistant resin finish to ensure your piece is kept amazing in all weather conditions for as long as you want to wear it; but with an etching this wouldn't be necessary as the image would be placed directly into the charm reducing the potential for wear and damage.

Fine Instruments

Technology has advanced so much that it is now possible to etch images onto small items with super-fine detail, making a simple photo easily translatable into a charm in a way that wouldn't have been possible a few years ago.

It is now possible to create amazing detail on items significantly smaller than a charm, such as a grain or rice or similar. The trickle-down economy of this technology means that the potential to use this technology and these instruments in a commercial way is now becoming viable.

Devil In The Detail

Despite the technology being advanced enough this idea is still in its infancy commercially, with photos and images for etching needing to be relatively simple in order to be effective. We're not quite at the stage where we can transfer images where a lot is going on - such as an action shot from an activity - into an etching in a way that is high quality, at least not at a price suitable for customers.

Shape Of You

Also worth considering is the shape of the photo charm, with many charms being of an intricate and delicate design themselves which wouldn't be suitable for engraving. The offerings from an etching perspective would be limited to simple shapes, which would be beautiful and elegant and make amazing gifts, but lack the design features that makes collecting charm bracelets such a fantastic hobby.

Etchings are just one of several new technologies and ways of creating exciting, beautiful personalised jewellery that we think are close to coming to the market for real, keep an eye on this space!

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