The Jewellery Rotation

Posted on November 29 2018

The Jewellery Rotation

The festive season is undoubtedly upon us, and now is the perfect time to dust off some of those unused pieces of jewllery and give them a showing. This is also the time to unearth those Christmassy or Wintery pieces that never get a look in throughout the year.

But how can you ensure all of your pieces get used, as well as your favourite everyday pieces? We have gathered 5 tips to rotate your jewellery collection and wear something new every day!

Advent Earrings

Your earring collection will undoubtedly be vast, with many pieces that have fallen by the wayside or fallen out of favour over the year. 

Why not use Christmas as an opportunity to bring them back? You might rediscover your love for them in the first place! 

Use the days of Advent in December to bring out a new pair of earrings everyday - whether they're festive earrings, plain earrings or special earrings.

But be wary to make sure you save the best pair for Christmas Day!


Use All Your Body

All too often we wear jewellery just on one arm or one finger, keeping it minimal in our day to day life.

But this is Christmas! Why not be a bit flashier? If you're a fan of bangles, wear a couple, wear one on each arm or even two on one arm. What's stopping you? 

This is also a chance to make break out some of those more unique pieces you have - such as chokers or arm bands that are very elegant and stylish. 

Why not try it? You might find you love the look and remember why you got the pieces in the first place!

Accessorise Extensively

Maybe not every day, but use more accessories in your outfits. This is especially useful if you're a fan of costume jewellery and have pieces that you don't get to wear often. 

This is also a great opportunity to reuse some of those accessories that rarely get used throughout the year; dig them out of your dresser and challenge yourself to match them with your outfit. 

This might also encourage you to vary your dress a little more throughout the party season and is a great excuse to try out a new look or two. 

You never know, you might unearth a style you love and carry into 2019!


All Change!

The season of partying that December usually is, there's no reason why you won't be changing outfits a couple of times a day. 

Perhaps you have a brunch meeting with friends followed by dinner with the family, before a night out with the girls?

A busy day! But why limit yourself to finding one or two outfits for the entire day? 

Use this as an excuse to try out some new looks and outfits and vary your dress - this will help you to rotate your jewellery also and wear different pieces for the different engagements - a triple whammy!

Double Up

Certain pieces of jewellery allow you to wear a few of them at one. Nobody says you only have to wear one pair of earrings, or only one necklace at a time. 

Whilst you're discovering your new pieces of jewellery, why not double up on some of them for extra pzazz for your outfit?

Earrings are especially easy for this as, depending on your piercings, you could wear two or three pairs at once. You could have some fun making your own little Christmas scene on each ear.

Bracelets are another great option for doubling up, you could realistically wear two or three bracelets that compliment each other at once. 

Experiment. Go crazy. It's Christmas after all!

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