Competition: Tell Your Story!

Matthew Rann

Posted on September 01 2016

Competition: Tell Your Story!

Real people love our charms and while most of the images you see are using stock images for illustrative purposes, we love knowing how our charms are impacting people’s lives.


It’s for that reason that our team at Annalise has created a competition where you, the customer, share the relationship between your charm bracelet and your photograph.

As we are a social company that values all of our customers, this campaign takes place on social media and can be enjoyed by all fans of our charms.


It’s definitely well worth your time to share your story…

Jewellery is incredibly personal, and Annalise wants to get to know you better. Join the giveaway with your photograph and be a charm bracelet winner

It’s really as easy as simply uploading your photograph and telling us more about what made the moment special. You can give us a backstory about your photograph and the people (or person) in the picture, when the image was taken and how you felt.


The competition has less to do with the actual event and more about the person in the photograph; the jewel for your charm! Annalise is a brand about people, they are the precious stones!

The competition has more than one winner.

We can no sooner pick our favourite charm than we could pick one winner out of all the customers in the world.


For that reason, there will be more than one winner, however the ultimate winner will be the one who will receive their very own custom-made photographic charm. All the winners’ photographs will be shown on our site and we absolutely cannot wait to see how our brand has impacted your lives.


Our previous winning charm was of a little girl named Emilie; here’s what Emilie’s Mum had to say about the photograph:


'My little girls name is Emilie , she's 16 months old now but the picture was taken when she was about 6 or 7 months old. She is the happiest and sweetest little girl you could meet but has lungs of steel and enjoys making lots of noise!! She loves peppa pig and going for walks on the beach and being center of attention in general lol. She's also going to be a big sister in March 2017.'


We hope that you will take this moment to participate in the competition and share a little piece of your memories with the Annalise family. Find all our latest giveaways and competitions on Facebook HERE


To all participants, we’d like to wish you the best of luck!



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