Charms for Bracelets


Posted on January 15 2018

The charm bracelet has been around for decades, but what makes the bracelet such an ideal way to display your charms and what are the other ways to potentially show off your charms?

Why A Charm Bracelet?

The bracelet is a simple, elegant solution to displaying your charms because of where it is worn. The fact that they sit on the wrist -or to a lesser extent, ankle - make it perfect for showing your charms off to people and for the charms to be on display, without getting in the way of your daily life. 

Bracelets are the perfect way to add some style and elegance to any outfit, whether it's worn as part of your day to day work outfit or if it's saved for a special occasion. This versatility gives the bracelet a unique place in your jewellery collection, and charm bracelets emphasise this further with each charm telling a story or helping recall a fond memory.

They can also be packed full to the brim with charms, allowing you to continue expanding your collection and collecting charms until you fill it, which could be scores of charms. 

What About A Necklace?

Necklaces are useful for displaying single charms, and indeed they can make an excellent gift for a friend or family member with a single charm used to make a unique gift.

If you are a charm collector though then necklaces aren't the greatest vessel for your hobby as the weight gained when you collect charms may make a necklace unwieldy, especially if you have a necklace that has a long drop on it so it hangs low. 

The elegant look and style of a necklace can also be affected if there are a lot of different charms present on it, you may have charms that are different colours or designs that would look odd strung next to each other on a necklace. 

What About Earrings?

Charm earrings are another option for displaying your charms, but they only allow you to display one or two charms depending on how many piercings you have in your ears. 

Although you could fill your piercings with charm earrings, it probably wouldn't be very comfortable for your ears to have all that weight of different charms hanging off them. 


Along with earrings, charms can be displayed on other areas of the body that have been pierced such as the belly button or even nose.

Whilst these will certainly draw attention and allow you to talk about and show off your charms, they don't have the potential to display your entire collection and will mean you have to regularly rotate the charm you wear to make the most of them all. 

Of course this doesn't stop charms making an excellent gift for a special occasion or for somebody who doesn't collect charms for a bracelet and just likes wearing single ones. 

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