Best People To Buy Photo Charms

Posted on August 26 2018

Who To Buy A Photo Charm?

Photo charms make beautiful gifts for anyone you give them to, but there are a few friends and relations that will benefit from them and enjoy them much more than others. 

When considering who to buy photo charms for you need to take into account their personal life - do they have plenty of friends and relatives that can be used in photo charms? What is their social calendar like, are they really busy all of the time and always going off and doing things with different people? Are the active and outgoing, taking part in adventures and trips often that would be great for a photo charm?

To help you, we've come up with the top 5 characters to buy photo charms for. You're welcome.

The Doting Grandma

Grandma's always love their grandchildren, talking about them and how clever they are/advanced they are with all of their pals whenever they meet up. 

It's likely that there will be plenty of pictures of the grand kids around her house, especially in the social media age where photos are as common as the written word. But Grandma may not have her little cherubs on a photo charm - something which will make a genuinely excellent gift for any gran!

The Adrenaline Junky

The adrenaline junky is always posting pictures of themselves and their friends in weird and wonderful places: selfies whilst skydiving, whatsapps whilst windsurfing, tweeting whilst tightrope walking and so on. 

A photo charm would make a great gift to remind them of a particular adventure often, whenever they stay still enough to glance down at their wrist. This is an especially good idea if you took part in one of their adventures with them as you can give them something to remember the occasion by.

The Social Butterfly

Always seen at the most popular spot with the most popular people, the social butterfly often has a large group of friends that they always with no matter what time of day or year. 

There will be hundreds of pictures of them and their friends, always looking glamorous and enjoying life - which makes them perfect targets for photo charm presents. Choose an experience you had with them on a particular night out - the best ones to choose are landmark occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc to give them something to remember the night by.

The Pet-Collecter

Dogs, cats, budgies, rabbits. None are off limits to the pet collector. Their homes are often shared with several animals and that's the way they like it, talking of their fur-babies the way that parents talk of their children, their fondness for their creatures in unmatched. 

Animal pictures are excellent for photo charms, if you can get them to stay still for long enough without moving which is easier said than done for many of them! If you can snap a clandestine pictures of their animal family, or are enough of a photoshop whizz to make a mini-collage, then a photo charm with a picture of their animals will be a truly amazing gift.

The Soppy Romantic

Often found fawning over their significant other, either on social media with soppy messages or by being inseparable  when out and about in real life; the soppy romantic is a sucker for sentiment, their homes often filled with couple pictures in love-heart frames.

Fortunately, the photo charm you will get for them will play right into their amorous nature, especially if you choose one of our love charms. Pick a picture of them and their lover and you will be onto a winner no matter which one you choose.

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