5 Talking Points To Show Off your Jewellery

Posted on January 25 2019

Start A Conversation, Show Off Your Charms

Those who collect charm bracelets are always keen to talk about them and tell the stories behind them, and there is usually a touching memory or story behind every charm whether you have a handful or a hundred. 

But starting a conversation can be difficult, and starting a conversation that will result in you being able to tell your stories is even harder, Luckily for you we've come up with 5 talking points you can use to lever your charm bracelet into the chat and dazzle with some tales.

Talk About A Recent Experience

Experience often result in memories which can be perfect choices for charms - talking about your recent experience that relates to a charm is a great way to move onto your bracelet.

It could be a holiday, special occasion or even just a trip you took; but if it ended up with you getting a charm - as a gift or one you bought yourself - it's worth talking about!

Special Occasions

When you have a special occasion in your life it's only natural that you want to talk about it. Whether it's coming in the next few weeks or months or has just happened - even if it's an occasion that happened a while ago but you're talking to somebody you don't get to speak to often,

Special occasions like weddings, anniversaries or even birthdays are occasions that people will want to hear about what you got up to, and if you got a charm to mark the occasion then why not use it as on opportunity to show it off?


Family is always a great talking point - everybody likes to talk about their family whether it's about their adventures with their spouse, their kids or just life in general. 

Charms, especially photo charms, can easily be brought into this conversation as they allow you to show off your family without scrolling through hundreds of photos for a good one on your phone.

This is especially useful if your family members are the ones who bought you the charm.

Unusual Charms

Whilst you may have plenty of charms on one of more bracelets, many of them will not be too outrageous in terms of shape or style; but if you have one that is particularly obscure then it's a great point of interest to share in conversation. 

This is really useful if you are talking to somebody who also has an interest in jewellery, not just charm bracelets. There are loads of charms out there that fit into the weird and wonderful categories for you to use to strike up conversation!

Desire Pieces

The world of jewellery design and style outside of charm bracelets of always changing and evolving with new designs coming out frequently. Use this as a conversation starter with a fashion or jewellery buff to talk about pieces or charms that you really want and use this as an opportunity to show off your own pieces!

Everybody likes to talk about what they want and what they like, so you will be in good company if you are talking to a fellow jewellery lover!

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